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Cancellation policy: We have no refunds policy but provided the client gives us at least 24 hour notice, the lesson will be credited to the student and rescheduled. Any changes to this policy can be made at the discretion of the Teacher. If a client misses a lesson a penalty is paying for the lesson in full. 

Late policy: If a client is late for the lesson for more than 10 minutes it will still finish at scheduled time. 

Payment policy: If the client chooses a manual form of payment, it is required to pay for the lesson maximum 24 hours before the lesson commences.

Refund policy: If the client would like to ask for a refund, please contact us at

Rescheduling policy: If the client would like to reschedule the lesson, please reply to your booking email or contact us directly at

Communication policy: if the client would like to contact us, please use our “Contact” page on or via email at

Privacy policy: Any of clients personal information is used for booking or payment purposes only.

Feedback policy: We encourage any feedback we can get, if you wish to leave us some feedback, please do so via our “Contact” page on or via email at

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