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margaret glickman client vocal rush online vocal coaching lesson

Margaret Glickman

Aga is an amazing coach, she has the patient's of a saint! her lessons to work on at home are easy to follow and she explains everything in a way that any human can understand. Aga is not just a vocal coach for the fact that she can be she is understanding and can relate to each students range. Aga wants her students to succeed and gives the confidence that is required to get the best out of her students young and older.

ema caravahlo client vocal rush online vocal coaching lesson

Ema Carvahlo

I love my classes with Aga!! She is very insightful, explains everything with detail, makes me feel comfortable and confident. And on top of that she is so funny! I’d recommend her classes to everyone that wants to improve their singing and grow as an artist.

lily coles client vocal rush online vocal coaching lesson

Lily Coles

I do these voice lessons and I enjoy them very much. We go through songs each lesson which in the beginning I find difficult, but by the end of the lesson I can hit notes I couldn't before. Aga is very kind and understanding. I would recommend these lessons to anyone who enjoys singing. Aga does all types of songs and helps me expand my range.

nicole dunn client vocal rush online vocal coaching lesson

Nicole Dunn

I thoroughly enjoy my classes with Aga. She makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. Such a warm personality! In the last 3 months I’ve learned more with her than I did in 8 months with my last coach. I would strongly recommend Aga to anyone that wants to better their singing skill as she really cares about your end goals and goes above and beyond to get you amazing results

julia szczepanik client vocal rush online vocal coaching lesson

Julia Szczepanik

Do I enjoy classes with Aga? Absolutely yes! She has concrete theoretical knowledge but also uses very imaginative thinking, which works great for me. Aga always finds a way to get me out of my head and bring back my natural tone. She was also working with me towards my 3rd-year show, so we focused not only on singing but also acting and performing. I would recommend Aga to anyone, she will definitely help you, doesn't matter what you want to do!

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